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Painting and Prints


Last year gave us a leap to continuosly progress in making some worthy portraits marching towards our vision. We look forward to march on towards the journey of Classical Realism Art including some beautiful landscapes in 2017.

In year 2017 SHRISTI  will continue the journey to challenge ourselves further and elevate to higher standards. We join the realism Art Revolution which is a come back around the world by many popular artists. Indeed, after seventy years of relative neglect, the representational art movement is flourishing. For many reasons, as we approached the turn of the 20th century, western society began to question, reject, and in some cases destroy much of the Realistic Art what it had inherited. We believe that our mission in the 21st century is to weave the gaps and join the fragments of the humanistic tradition so that we might contribute meaningful and aesthetically beautiful images that will inspire future generations to it. Many of us call this new age traditional art as Neo Realism. (some of the above info extracted from article of Artist Mr Daniel Graves)

It is because of those masters until the 19th century who flourished realism art, that, we have those beautiful and aesthetic paintings embracing the rich culture and history of the past visualised for the centuries to come. Contemporary realism art is now revolutionising in the west following the footsteps of the European Masters to educate, practice and revive today's artists in this path. Shristi with its heart and soul being in realism is proud to be on the same path. Our vision is to be in par with the high quality Realism Art following the paths of the masters.

Some of our recent paintings.....


' A GIRL WITH DIAMOND EARINGS ' Oil colors on Belgium Linen



We are currently researching the Masters and studying Atelier Styles in Florence to upskill ourselves to level up and make some interesting Art for the future. As a fund raising means towards the cost for this important vision we continue to offer 15% discount for all our portraits in oil requests.

To check our portrait samples and details - CLICK HERE

We will also explore landscapes this year to extend our capacities. We are also considering some interesting schemes to invite interested supporters to pre own the Future Art which will result from this new vision at less than cost prices. We will also study some nathadwara style paintings to reproduce and include the style used by the prominent Indian artists in a contemporary style.

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We encourage you to embrace a new vision towards Art and support us in bringing back the Traditional Art back to the next generations..... CONTACT US for further details.

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