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  • Hanuman Chaalisa Art Expressions


    To All Art lovers, participants and admirers...The following feed back has been very positive and highly motivating for our successful spiritual Art show. Though some of the compliments are directed to me I believe that we all share them for being a part of this event as a team. Congratulations and thanks to each one of you. I am confident that we could take it to next level in future.....Murali

    It was a pleasure to serve with you and the exhibition lifted the atmosphere of the yagna to heights unseen before.  We deeply appreciate all your efforts. Br Gautam Chaitanya

    Thanks heaps for this wonderful opportunity which also allowed us to seek the blessings of Hanumanji. The art event was very well organized and my friends can't stop talking about it. Wish you good luck and more successful events... Pratik Phatak

    It has been exciting and challenging to work with art in bringing out our spiritual understanding. Thank you very much for providing this opportunity. I am looking forward to more ventures in art through your support and inspiration,....Rani Singh

    Hari Om Murali, You have provided great inspiration and model for everyone through this art exhibition, your organisation and kind leadership.. Ganapathy

    Many thanks for all your efforts to make this possible for the rest of us as well :)

    And thank you for all the encouragement and inspiration :) Will definitely continue painting!.. Venki

    Your main piece of Hanuman - the backdrop to the discourse, was stunning.  Thoroughly enjoyed your brilliance - exhilarating.  Thanks for the opportunity. Very enjoyable experience of others passion and labour - we are truly blessed... Ranga and Latha

    Agree. The feed back was very positive.  The positive energy from the art show was very complementing.. Vasu

    Hearty CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Beauty has three levels: Indication, Expression and Exposure

    Spirituality indicates, Art expresses and Science exposes.You have captured all the three levels of beauty through your passion for art. Your enthusiasm and your ability to motivate others has resulted in a significant success of the art exhibition in the Hanuman Chaalisa Art Event. Your dedication and hard work has provided great inspiration and you have been a role model for everyone through this art exhibition.. Anupama Thakker

    From our Guest book....