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Artist : Gujjar

B.G. Gujjarappa popularly known as Gujjar, has been working with different media firms for over 30 years now and is currently working at his own studio in India. Gujjar started as a lecturer of history. He was among the initial team that started Lankesh Patrika as a cartoonist who soon found a place among the discerning Kannada readers for his unique style of illustrations. He continued to work for Deccan Herald and Praja Vani, two of the flagship media brands in Karnataka, for nearly 17 years trying his hand at illustrations, political cartoons and caricatures. To his credit are numerous national and international awards. In the late nineties he entered the world of interactive graphics and Multimedia. After three decades of experimenting with numerous styles of drawing, Gujjar came out of corporate life to dedicate his time extensively to painting.

"Any cartoonist is really a very close observer of human beings,"says Gujjarappa. "If you really observe a person, you can see their entire character unfolding...it's in the person's behaviour and gestures that you find the matter to deal with the subject,"

"Cartooning is a life-long dream. I can't imagine myself going without drawing even for a single day," Gujjarappa's caricatures are in the collections of seven Nobel laureates and four of India's Prime Ministers.
He has authored six books for children, and illustrated over 1,000 others. He has given hundreds of lectures and demos on drawing cartoons and caricatures, and his sports cartoon strip is published in 25 newspapers and magazines.
Below are the listed paintings done by Our Artist Gujjar :
( 1 ) Carnatic Duo
( 2 ) Advani
( 3 ) Einstein
( 4 ) Clinton
( 5 ) Sri Sri Ravishankar
( 6 ) Profession first...??
( 7 ) Yeddyurappa
( 8 ) Sigmund Freud
( 9 ) Ustad Tari Khan
( 10 ) Basket ball coach