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Kailash..Lord Shiva's Abode

Indian Traditional Stage decor for Music, dance Concerts and cultural gatherings. Our decor are hand painted therefore comes with a divine touch to create a positive atmosphere with grand ambience and aesthetics. We custom design to suit your requirement as well as provide the existing decor for hire. The process is to browse through these images, choose a decor and contact us for hiring details. We provide this service in Melbourne, Australia. Other areas contact us to discuss feasibility. Some of our decors are easy to transport.


Stage decor concept of 'Kailasam' was created with large Mural Paintings on Canvas. This Unique Stage was created for the 'Melbourne Trio Sisters' Rangapravesham. All the backdrops have been 100% handpainted. The background with Mt Kailash Theme was an apt feature for the Bharathanatyam Performance.
This stage was modularly setup in combination with Palace Hall and Shore Temple which were changed in less than a minute. The outstanding dance performance by the girls supported by Guru Smt. Rathika Mahadeva along with eminent Artists Shri O.S. Arun, Shri. Ramesh Babu, Shri. Murali Kumar and the Visual Ambience of the Grand Decor awed the audience to an entertaining evening.

The stage shown is 12 metre wide and 6 metre high at Besen Arts Centre, Melbourne Australia. Click on the picture to view a Larger Image.

This Decor is Available for hire. Please contact us for details.

Status: Original available

Medium: Mixed Media
Artist: Murali
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