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Prints on candle holder

Creative and Unique must have Collectibles. Our handpicked collection of valuable and creative work which is a must have for those special people who look for something creative, different and unique.
Candle Holder

This Unique piece of Art work is hand made with treasured solid timber block rosewood, Teak etc.. which is a piece of history by itself. It is finely crafted by manually machining the wooden block to size and pockets milled. Thereafter it has been seasoned with pure Linseed oil and polished slightly to bring out the natural color and fragrance of the timber. Finally it has been decorated with Shristi's Giclee miniature canvas art prints embedded into the four pockets around. The prints are reproduced from our own paintings. The holder could be themed as well like ramayan, krishna, hanuman, music legends etc..
The Block is complemented with a beautiful handmade perfumed candle.
Size : 70mm x 70mm x 90mm height

Crafted by - Murali Surya,
Candle by - Lalitha Ganapathy

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Status: Available

Medium: Mixed Media
Artist: Murali
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