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I am Scared

Unique styles and subject portrayed in an interesting and artistic excellence
I am Scared

There is a rapid decrease in the population of Tigers in India and around the world. last year it was accounted as 1411 Tigers only in India. Poaching and Deforestation are two main factors resulting to this problem. Indian Govt, NGO's and People of India are constantly fighting against this and campaigning in support of saving this Beautiful Creature. Ranthambore, in Rajasthan has one of the oldest Tiger sanctuaries in India. In addition to many other activities some locals have been trained into Tiger Art to create these beautiful animals on paper and canvas. The sale of these paintings in return create awareness and support the people of Ranthambore to protect these species. We are happy to promote the work of these unsung artists. Each of this Tiger Art have been done by more than one artist.
Tiger paintings are not only aesthetic but also a strong message to the humankind about the need of protecting the tigers.

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Medium: Water Color
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