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Cookbook - Ayurvedic insights & recipes

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Sukham Ayu

SUKHAM AYU - the second book by Jigyasa & Pratibha presents the great tenets of Ayurvedic cooking in a simple, friendly format. Winner of Best Health and Nutrition Book in the World 2009 - second place, it is a creative combination of recipes & food-tips on one hand, and Ayurvedic insights & tenets on the other, thus appealing to the gourmet & the novice!
Here is a cookbook for health & longevity. Researched by the authors at a fabulous Ayurvedic establishment known as KARE in the hills near Pune, India, this beautiful cookbook brings Ayurveda in a friendly manner into our kitchens. It features daily, simple, vegetarian Indian recipes that all Indian homes are familiar with. Slight variations and unobtrusive additions and deletions to daily cooking, along with Ayurvedic insights, make these recipes worth trying. Short chapters on Ayurvedic insights such as proper combinations, compatibility and methods of cooking are interspersed in the book. There is a clear focus on freshly cooked food, on the correct use of spices to enhance taste and good health, on the right combinations that make them tridoshik, or agreeable to all doshas.

This colorful and beautifully illustrated book is hard bound with 114 pages.

We had great pleasure in meeting the Authors at Chennai, India in DEC 2010. To know more about them visit We are glad to distribute this special book. To add a creative touch we have got the books specially signed by the authors, Jigyasa Giri and Pratibha Jain.

What famous people said about this book...

I find this is a very handy book as it deals with vegetarian recipes congenial to one and contains details on sattvik food with appropriate presentation for each one to build up a healthy body with a sound mind...a useful book on good food for all to choose from. (Extract from his foreword for Sukham Ayu, October 1, 2008)

PADMASHRI TARLA DALAL - India's best loved Cookery Author
This effort by the authors in bringing out a cookbook like "Sukham Ayu" containing the principles of Ayurved...through simple and elegant language is commendable...with this book, people will be happily inspired...discipline themselves for simple living and simple eating. (Email on November 22, 2009)

"Bright, friendly and practical ..a layman's guide to Ayurvedic manages to convey
at least the essence of eating Ayurvedically in a slick, clear, glossy format." The Hindu

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