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    • Enriched Experience
    • We are very pleased to have your wonderful paintings exhibited in our daughters dance concert. The audience were amazed with the excellence and elegance of the paintings and the way they were transitioned between scenes. You have certainly enriched the overall experience. Murali, you are very competent and talented man and we will happily recommend your service to anyone.
  • Post by:  Ruban and Jeya
  • Positive Experience..
  • Hi Murali,

    Words cannot describe our gratitude to you for the wonderful pieces of Art and the tireless dedication you showed through the entire process. You indeed enhanced and added to our daughters' Rangapravesham. The gems that you produced captured everyone's eyes and hearts and contributed to the whole experience in such a positive way that words cannot describe it. Indeed you have a touch that King Midas would have loved to have. Thank you!

    Vidhya and Kumar

    Post by:  Vidhya and Kumar
  • Eye Catching!!
  • Dear Murali
    Thank you for your trouble and time Murali. Nothing I give can really be adequate for the time, care and effort you took to make the stage eye-catching and special. People from around the world who have seen the photos all remarked how elegant the backdrop was!


    Post by:  Chitra Sudharshan
  • Unnikrishnan Concert
  • Hi Murali,

    Just a quick note to thank you for all the help with the Unnikrishnan concert.

    Unnikrishnan and the accompanying artistes were in scintillating form and made the concert absolutely memorable for us. They were commending the excellent ambience on stage with the stage décor set by you. They wanted me to pass on their regards and thanks to you as we dropped them off at the airport this morning.


    Sridhar Chari

    Post by:  Sridhar Chari
  • Wonderful Art show !

  • Dear Murali,

    Just a quick note to say thanks for your wonderful art display. It came out very well and not to mention that the amount of effort you have put into each of them.... all the pieces were beautiful. We did get some excellent feedback about the display !


    geetha & sridhar

    Post by:  Geetha & Sridhar Chari
  • Spectacular Paintings...
  • Dear Murali,

    We were recently at a Music Meditation concert and came across some of your spectacular paintings and were very impressed and awed with their colours, size and details.

    My name is Tara Chandramouli and I am the Co-Founder of DISHA.

    Post by:  Mrs Tara Chandramouli
  • Pride of Place...
  • Hi Murali

    Thank you so much for the painting and the frames. I am sure they would occupy pride of place in our house for years to come. I can't say how grateful we are to you.



    Post by:  Ranga